Thermal Jadestone Massage Bed Therapy

A remedy for unbearable back and lumbar pains: Jade Stone

Back and lumbar pains, a common problem of our age, are no longer a problem thanks to jade stone massage bed therapy which is being applied in our clinic. Massage puts blood circulation back in line and provides relaxation.

There is no one who doesn’t complain about pain no matter the age. Thin or overweight, most of us complain about back and lumbar pains. Thanks to the developments in modern medicine and technology, new solutions are created for these pains every day. However, alternative treatment methods never lose their popularity. When combined with technology, one of the best healing stones of the Far East, jade stone, relieves you of your pain, heals your arthrosis, muscle pains, weakness, tiredness and rheumatoid problems by Jade Thermal Massage Bed, which we began to use in our clinic.

MASSAGE WITHOUT A TOUCH BY HUMAN HANDS: Jade stones in the beds which have been commonly used throughout the world for years especially in U.S.A., Canada, Brazil, England, Germany, systemically move and relieve the body from the pain. Experts speak of the miraculous effect of the bed like this: “In these beds, massage is applied without human hand’s touch, taking off your clothes, and oil. This massage does not just relax your body; it also heals some medical problems because it improves blood circulation. The purpose is to shape up the spine just as the day we were born and make it straight”.  Nerves coming out of an unhealthy spine cause many problems you cannot imagine. Due to wrong use of the spine, headaches, migraine, visual problems, sinusitis, shoulder pain, chronic cough, breathing problems, arm pain, chronic weakness, hemorrhoid and even skin diseases occur.