Mesotherapy is a medical application that treats or manages pain or disorders by local microinjections to related areas in the body.

Oral drugs, intramuscular or intravenous injections do not reach targeted organs as a whole; Because, a percentage of them are lost during absorption. Thus, the effect of these drugs remains limited. Also, because of the fact that systemic drugs spread to the whole body and effect other unrelated organ or tissues which can be affected by these drugs, unwanted side effects may occur.

Mesotherapy will solve the problem without causing any side effects by microinjections to the troubled area in small amounts. Mesotherapy is administration of drugs by using very thin and short injectors. Pain is very little due to the sizes of the needles. Also, sensation can be totally removed by applying local anesthetic sprays after disinfection of the application area. In mesotherapy, drug transition to systemic circulation can be ignored because drug absorption is very scarce. Number of injections varies depending on the patient, disease and anatomy of the injection area.

Mesotherapy is applied in Çobanoğlu Clinic since 1991 and drug combination is updated according to medical developments. The type of mesotherapy named Biotherapy is a version in which the administrated drugs are biological/hemopathic.

Which diseases can be treated with Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is commonly used for treatment of diseases of musculoskeletal system. It is possible to subdivide this topic into joint diseases, muscle diseases, ligament and sports injuries. Also, rheumatoid diseases, pain treatment, complaints due to migrene and circulation disorders, medicoaesthetic applications are common problems in which mesotherapy is administrated.

More information about indications can be obtained with a meeting with your doctor.

In which cases mesotherapy is applied?

Aesthetic Applications of Mesotherapy


Hair loss

Stria (line) due to pregnancy and adolescence

Facial Rejuvenation

Wound scars (Scatris)

Other Application Fields of Mesotherapy

Circulation Problems (Varices, Varicose Ulcers)
Sports Medicine

Session intervals of Mesotherapy should be minimum a week. A dose of administrated drugs should not exceed 10 cc. Side effects of Mesotherapy usually develops when session intervals or dosage is not considered well.

Conditions in which Mesotherapy should not be applied (Contraindications)

Heart Failure


Kidney Diseases

Patients under Anticoagulant therapy

How does it affect Cellulitis?

It increases regional blood and lymph flow.

Thanks to the injected drug mixture, adipose cells which are entrapped onto the middle layer of the skin and cannot be used by the body, are freed and regained to circulation.